Love Your Life with Chia Seeds!


Chia seeds are little seeds that are associated with the Chia Pets from years gone by. These little seeds can be sprouted and eaten for even more nutrition.


Packed with incredible nutritive and protective properties, chia seeds can do a lot in your body. This list may surprise you!


    *Provide minerals that serve as electrolytes in your body and

      produce a change that helps the muscles and heart function


    *Excellent source of magnesium, fiber, calcium, iron, B

      vitamins, niacin, omega 3s

    *Provide all 3 needed macronutrients – complex

      carbohydrates, lean protein, and healthy fat.

     *Great for appetite control,

     *Good for picky eaters because they don’t have much of a flavor

       and can be mixed with anything. Use whole or milled in recipes.

     *They have weight loss and cholesterol benefits.[1]

     *They also help prevent osteoporosis,

     *Aid in dental health

     *Improve athletic performance

     *Prevent fatigue

     *Manage hypertension

     *Prevent arthritis

     *Contain anticancer properties

     *Are good for the eyes

     *Aid mom and baby in pregnancy

     *much more.






This delicious drink is healthy and fun to drink. It has the consistency of frog's eggs and it slides down your throat. Your kids may love it! I know I do. It has just two simple ingredients and can be made in many different flavors.


Yield: 3 1/2 cups juice

3 cups of your favorite flavor organic fruit juice

1/2 cup chia seeds



Mix seeds in fruit juice and refrigerate overnight. Juice will thicken like a pudding after two days of refrigeration. Drink as much juice as you'd like or enjoy the pudding consistency with a spoon. 



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