Getting Through Winter & a Scare

I grew up in Colorado and lived in Maine for a short time. The winters were harsh in both places, but as a kid I loved making snowmen and igloos with the crusty Maine snow. The cold didn't really bother me because I was running all over the place having fun and keeping warm from my body heat. 


I've enjoyed the seasons over the years, but as I mature, I notice I really don't like the winters as much anymore. They seem to last forever and I have to fight my depressive thoughts that have a tendency to send me down a spiral I don't want to go down. This year, in particular, I have felt a deep bone pain that seemed to be getting worse. I went to the chiropractor recently and he asked me three questions when I told him this. 


1. Do you get up often to urinate at night? My answer was yes.

2. Do your adjustments stay in place after chiropractic care? My answer was no.

3. Do you have deep bone pain that is getting worse? That was the first question I had answered yes to.


He told me he was trained to ask these three questions and if the answer to them was all yes, it could be cancer. He asked me to get a cancer screening and I wasn't quite sure how to go about that. I contacted my doctor and scheduled a check-up. He got me right in and did a breast exam where he found several lumps that were painful. He gave me orders to get a mammogram, something I've been avoiding until I absolutely had to, but it was time. 


I couldn't schedule it until two weeks out, so I decided to just forget about this and get busy with family life and work to keep my mind off of it. My husband, however, was worried and having to wait two weeks took a toll. 


I remembered that when I'd had bone pain like this, I was deficient in vitamin D3, the sunshine vitamin, which we don't get much of in the winter here in Utah. So I started supplementing with Garden of Life D3 spray. I also continued taking the B12 spray and liquid iron supplement from the same company and the pain in my bones subsided.


We finally arrived at the hospital and I had the mammogram and ultrasound. They found cysts but no cancerous lumps. They asked me to check back in six months. I was so relieved. 


I have a little book from Louise L. Hay called "Heal Your Body A-Z" that I refer to often, when I have a physical issue come on. I looked up cysts and found this, "Running the old painful movie. Nursing hurts. A false growth." I believe that our thoughts and emotions manifest our reality and as I read this, I remembered some of the old painful movies I'd been running through my head that needed to be removed by forgiving myself and letting it go. 


The new thought she suggests is "The movies of my mind are beautiful because I choose to make them so. I love me!" This is a great affirmation I started saying and I felt so much better.


I learned a lot from this experience. Here are a few things you may benefit from as well: 


1. As a health-care provider or health coach,


we tend to put everyone else first before us and then when symptoms strike, we finally get around to taking care of ourselves. We need to practice what we teach others about prevention and take care of ourselves first. 


2. In colder climates, we need to be eating as much fruits and vegetables as possible, but because we cannot get outside during the cold months, we need to supplement our diet with vitamin D3 and other nutrients we may be lacking. A blood analysis from your doctor will help you know what you need. 


3. Keep your attitude positive and your mind on track. It is easy to spiral down into depression when  you allow negative thoughts to enter your mind. When this happens, quickly catch the thought and tell it to leave. Imagine yourself slamming the door on it and then saying the exact opposite, positive thought three time to clear the negativity. 


These things help me to stay healthy mentally and physically when I struggle with the winter, which I cannot control. Hopefully someday we will be able to move to a warmer climate or at least visit one more frequently during the winter, but until then, I'll need to continue doing what makes me healthy and happy as much as possible. I hope you'll do the same. 


On a side note, I want to tell those who have or have had cancer, I'm sorry. Having that scare was difficult to get through and I can't imagine how difficult it has been for you. My heart goes out to you. 


Prevention is definitely key. It has been proven that a mostly plant-based diet is the best prevention against most diseases. Get started on your journey with this kind of lifestyle by downloading my FREE One Day Raw Challenge. By making small changes every day, you create new healthy habits for a lifetime. Let me show you how. 



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