Create a Non-Food Reward for Yourself

April 14, 2017

Life is all about rewards when we accomplish something challenging or just to check things off our To Do Lists, but they don’t always have to do with food.


Learn to seek out activities or time with loved ones or simple ways of congratulating yourself and others for a job well done.


12 Ways to Celebrate Without Food


1. Go outside in the sunshine and sit and soak it up and take a break.

2. Read a book you’ve been putting off that you really want to dive into.

3. Go on a walk or run in the fresh air to get away from it all.

4. Call a friend and ask them to go shopping with you for the afternoon.

5. Go on a date and leave the kids behind to catch a movie or the sunset together.

6. Play with your children or pet and be present while you interact and show your love.

7. Play a game with your family and laugh together.

8. Go outdoors on an adventure together.

9. Go on vacation to a place you’ve never been, even if it’s just local to save some money.

10. Save up for that exotic vacation or big purchase you’ve been wanting. Celebrate as you put money in a jar that you would have used for a snack, drink or meal to reward yourself with.

11. Purchase a new piece of clothing that makes you feel amazing to add to your wardrobe

12. Listen to a motivational speech, TED talk or course you purchased to improve your mindset and skills


There are so many different ways we can create rewards for ourselves that don’t cost money and don’t involve food.


If you do choose to eat something as a reward or want to take a snack along or go out to a restaurant, choose a food or a place that supports your health goals so you can feel energetic and pleased with yourself as a result.


Ideas for Food Rewards that Support You


1. Drink plenty of water to help you stay hydrated. Many times, we feel hungry but we are actually thirsty. Go toward the water first before getting something to eat and see if it satiates the hunger.

2. Fruit or vegetables with a delicious dip arranged beautifully on a platter can be eaten outside in the sun and fresh air.

3. Any of the recipes in Wendy’s Beautifully Raw recipe book because they are all plant-based and raw so you’ll receive satisfaction and energy afterward.

4. Trail mix with dried fruits and raw nuts and seeds are great for hikes or snacks

5. Smoothies are great during the heat of the summer and can be made into popsicles for kids too.

6. Kale chips have a nice crunch to them and are delicious for kids and adults alike. Find the recipe on page 68 of Wendy’s Reasonably Raw recipe book


Continue your goals to be healthy by following these simple steps. You will have more energy and become much happier as a result. Taking care of yourself by not


 succumbing to the temptations that make you regret them later is always a win. Enjoy celebrating your successes! Congratulations. Keep moving forward.

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