April 13, 2017


What we put in our bodies every day when we eat lays the foundation of our health. We literally become what we eat so what do you want? 


Eating fast food and processed food from a box or can, gives us no life-giving enzymes because they have died from being cooked at high heats.  Our bodies don't recognize it as food but it still has to digest it and try to get rid of it. 


DID YOU KNOW? We are born with a set amount of digestive enzymes to help us digest our food. This reserve is like a bank account that gets depleated with each withdrawl. If we are not getting sufficient amounts of digestive enzymes from our food, our bodies have to shut down the energy and concentrate on digesting the food. This is why we often get tired after eating a meal of cooked food. 


On the other hand, when we eat food that has not been cooked and is full of life; mostly plants like raw fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts and seeds, our bodies are able to use the enzymes from the food to digest it and not take from our reserve. This is why we feel energetic after these meals and can continue enjoying life and getting things done. 


This concept is so profound and when I finally learned it from reading the book, "Enzyme Nutrition: The Food Enzyme Concept" by Dr. Edward Howell, I understood why my body was suffering for so long. Chronic fatigue for 28 years and many other debilitating symptoms held me back as my body was literally shutting down. 


It’s interesting, isn’t it, how we expect to have great health but we are eating dead food. If you put junk in you will get junk out in the form of sickness, disease and chronic illnesses. On the flip side, however, if you choose to put food in that is full of life, you will receive energy, stamina, and incredible health free of sickness and pain. I know, because I have experienced this for the past 8 years.


It is my personal mission to teach people how to eat so they can live incredible lives again. I no longer take any medications and I am pain and symptom free. I haven’t been sick for a very long time and I use food, herbs and essential oils as the tools to help my body do what it was designed to do naturally ~ heal itself.


Stop the diet madness and learn what your body needs specifically. Each of us are deficient in a variety of nutrients and enzymes and phytochemicals. “Phyto” means plant. We were designed to eat plants and very minimal amounts of meat in times of winter or famine. The problem is that we do the opposite. We eat a lot of animal products for the protein, because we’ve been brainwashed to believe that we can’t get protein from anything else, all the while clogging up our systems and creating a cesspool of fermented toxin that has a hard time getting out. No wonder our systems have difficulty functioning.


Learn what you need specifically with our customized nutrient system through our Cell-Wellbeing Nutritional Reports. With just a few strands of hair you can see what is going on in your body specifically and where you can get the nutrition you need from food. This helps to create a food plan just for you.


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Are you a health coach or professional? These machines are available for you to purchase to help your clientele as well. Add our amazing recipes and coaching program to help your clients overcome food addictions and bad habits to your program, and create a robust system for each client. Contact us at now for more information.


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