Water: The New Diet Aid

July 26, 2016


Over the summer I've had some deadlines I've had to comply with to get my books and online programs, projects, classes and events ready for my clientele. It has been ongoing and I sit, day after day, on my computer cranking out content. 


I started noticing my waistline looking a bit bloated and I got 'love handles' and a big belly. I've gained around 15 pounds this summer! I also lost the use of my right leg recently when I awoke one morning and it was all cramped up. 


"What's going on?" I wondered, then it hit me. I've been pretty sedentary and I eat a lot throughout the day. 


Carrots for something crunchy so my mouth can have something to do, green smoothies, salads, vegetable trays, bowls of fruit, natural yeast breads, and on an on went the list as I looked back at what I was eating. Nothing bad for me, but then it hit me! I'm eating when I'm really thirsty; my water consumption was way down! 


I quickly changed my habits to some new ones to get things moving along and the weight has dropped off quickly: 


1. HUNGER OR THIRST? When my body tells me I'm hungry, I drink a glass or two of water first to make sure it wasn't telling me that I was thirsty in disguise. You see, we have a mechanism that tells us when we are hungry and one when we are thirsty, but sometimes we get them confused. I noticed as I drank water more, the desire for food went away and I'm eating a lot less!


2. EXERCISE: Get up and move! I put a board over my treadmill arms and place my laptop on it along with any books or papers I need to refer to and create a 'walking desk'. This helps me to move as I work, burning calories for the hour I'm on there. I adjust the speed gradually up so I am moving faster as I work. 


On alternating days, I also add some free weights for several reps working different muscle groups to keep things firm. After dinner, I go on a walk/run with my dog Max for a couple of miles. This gets me in the fresh air and gets me out in nature. Other exercises are great too: yoga, pilates, cardio, weight lifting, walking, running, etc. are some alternatives


3. SUNSHINE: Taking an hour break to eat a healthy lunch and then sitting in the sun for 10-20 minutes also helps me to feel better. I get away from my computer and out in nature. 


4. SET TIMES FOR WORK: I also make sure to create breaks to be with my children during the summer and stop working after 5:00 pm. so I can have plenty of family time in the evening. 


5. PLAN MEALS AHEAD: I haven't used menus for a long time but I'm finding it's important to plan ahead so I don't have to worry about what's for dinner. Creating ways you can automate the simple things in your life or those areas that are frustrating you can take away a lot of stress. This is one of those areas. 


6. KNOW WHEN TO STOP: With food, only eat when you are truly hungry and stop when you feel satisfied, not full. There is no need to stuff yourself so be conscious about what you are eating and how much. If you can't tell if you're full until it's too late, portion out your food ahead of time and then wait until that satisfied feeling hits. Eat a little more if you still feel hungry, then stop. 


Drinking purified water is very important for our health. Drink more of it and enjoy the cleansing benefits it offers along with exercise. Getting your lymph draining and your bowels moving while exercising helps get rid of impurities that accumulate around the waistline and increases health on all levels. Knowing when to stop eating is also important. The best exercise is to push yourself away from the table when satisfied. 


My weight is getting back to normal and I'm feeling more energy as well. No chiropractor was needed for my leg and back as I stretched before working out. Keeping the body moving is so important to great health! It all goes together.


Drink more water, eat well, and get up and move! You'll be glad you did.




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