Regaining Spiritual Energy



Eating clean, uncooked plant foods is the start to a happier life. I believe this is the foundation we need to have energy and function at high levels. But it is not the only thing that needs attention. 


Our bodies are like computers. They are very intricately created and they know how to cleanse, repair, and heal themselves with the proper tools. The organic fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouted nuts and seeds, herbs, sea vegetables, organic essential oils, purified water, fresh air, sunshine, positive loving relationships, positive thinking, etc. are all essential to health and happiness. But the spiritual realm is one that is imperative to live a high frequency life in conjunction with this high frequency food and environment we create around us. 


This morning I awoke drowsy and exhausted. I could tell it was emotional but it was affecting me physically. I went through my routine of helping the kids out the door for school and talked with my husband and then went and laid down in my bed. I began to pray for help to get through the day and then asked for help energetically. I have gone through enough sessions with energy healers, paying often $65 or more per hour or session with them to know how this works. I have been wanting to learn how to do my own Christ-centered energy healing for myself and my family so I don't have to pay so much to others, although I am very grateful for their help. I have learned a lot but I want God to help me learn how to do this for me and my family. 


So as I lay there, I asked for help and I began breathing deeply and then envisioning angels around me and I asked for angels to administer to me and help me feel better. I then commanded all negativity, leaches, parasites - both physical and spiritual, chains, chords, demons, an all other entities that are not of God to be cast out from my home. I asked for angels and warriors of light to surround and protect my home and that all portals, pits, cracks, and any other entry way for these things be shut and sealed that they may not enter. 


This may sound a little strange if you are not used to this wording or doing this kind of thing, but as I have cleaned my body the past 7 years, my mind has become clearer and my spirit heightened. I have also received many spiritual gifts, promised us in the scriptures, and have learned that I am an empath - capable of feeling other's feelings very deeply - even strangers I pass by. 


After saying these things, I asked for Christ's light and love to enter my body through the top of my head and I envisioned this light, thick substance fill every part of my body from my head to my toes. I felt a change within my body as this happened and I felt joy again and all of the negativity, fatigue, frustrations, parasites, toxins, viruses, bad bacteria, etc. leave through the bottom of my feet. 


I felt renewed energy and asked for Christ's love and light to fill my home in every corner and crevice that all who enter may feel His love and light through each of us. I also asked the same for each of my children and my husband. 


I take time in the mornings to do this and to write in my journal the things that come to my mind after praying and asking for God to talk with me. I receive wonderful answers to my questions and help understanding His will for me and my family. This is my personal revelation I get every day that I ask for and I am so grateful for His guidance in my life. I then thank Him for everything I can think of which further increases my love for Him and everyone around me and increases my frequency. I feel this in my body and my mood changes. It is beautiful. 


I wanted to share this with you today because I know people struggle with depression and have difficulty lifting themselves out of these negative thoughts and feelings. This is an excellent way to do it. I tried Prosac and other drugs earlier on in life but I did not feel in control. I have since learned how to use natural ways of healing and this also involves the mindset and spirituality.


We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. When we tap into the spiritual realm and spend time there each day, our lives are impacted and we help impact all those around us. We do not have to settle for the negativity of this world. Turn off the television, radio, negative self talk, sarcasm, anger, etc. and ask God to take it from you and transform it into Christ's love and light to enter your body, mind, and spirit and fill your surroundings. Ask for a shield of protection throughout the day for yourself, your family members and loved ones. Pray with real intent and talk with God.  


My friend told me about the movie War Room. I will be watching this soon. I love that this world is filling with light by bringing us wonderful movies about prayer and how to tap into the spiritual realm. As we fill the world with light, it pushes out the darkness because darkness cannot exist in a room full of light. 


Be strong and firm in your commitment to God and you will be blessed. Ask for help from angels assigned to help you. For me, one of my special angels is the son I miscarried. I feel him near every day. I ask him to do specific things to help those in our family because he is a part of this family. I know he does it willingly and I am so grateful for him and his constant care. 


I love my Heavenly Father and my elder brother Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the strength and protection of the Holy Ghost in my life and for the constant companionship and comfort I receive as I listen. Each one of us can have these gifts. Ask for them. They are yours to claim. I love you and pray for you. You can free yourself from pain, abuse, negativity, and everything that is holding you down. I have learned that if I work on myself and raise my own energy, others around me will rise too. It is a lie that they will leave you. Keep raising your vibrations and they will too because they love you and want to be with you. Those who choose to leave will do so because they cannot handle your light and are not ready to rise with you. Let them go. Pray for them and love them as Christ does. Ask for His perspective when you cannot see it in a person. How does He love them when you cannot? He will show you. 


Create a beautiful, joyful day. You are loved and fully capable of changing the things you no longer want in your life. Ask for help and you will receive it. 

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