Eating for Energy

Suffering from chronic fatigue for 28 years became my 'normal' as I walked around like a zombie every day. I thought everyone was always tired until I had an infertility consultation with my doctor. I had a feeling before he began prescribing the expensive medication, that I needed to have him check me from head to toe. He did and found a lump in my neck. He prescribed instead a visit to the surgeon where I got it biopsied and part of the lobe taken out in the process. It was not cancerous, thank heavens, but after the surgery I got pregnant with a baby I ended up miscarrying and then had our first three months later. 


This was a difficult time for me emotionally, especially losing our first baby after waiting four years. After I was put on thyroid medication 'for the rest of my life', I felt more energy and was satisfied that things were now fine. That was in 1998.


Fast forward almost ten years to 2009 when life became unbearable with 4 little children and fatigue set in again along with a great deal of pain and many other symptoms. I finally realized that what I was eating was causing this drop in energy and when I began eating raw food, the pain and symptoms went away within a week and I had more energy than ever before. 


I was eating to shove down my emotions because I didn't want to deal with them. I was tired of dealing with children all day and not talking to many adults, my marriage was suffering and I felt alone and frustrated. As I began cleaning out my body, my brain fog went away and I was able to think clearly again. When my body felt it was safe, I began to have various emotions surface that I had to deal with. I had some choices. I could either shove them down with sugar, which I did at times, or I could learn a different way and begin to heal. 


Energy healers came onto the scene as I was referred to them and friends told me about their gifts. I was quite skeptical at first and very cautious but as I had some emotional clearing sessions and felt such a profound shift within my body, mind and spirit, I was able to move past the pain and into feelings of peace and comfort. Food was no longer my main focus. 


I also learned to stay out of the kitchen so much and start doing other things with my time. I began having fun playing with and talking to my children and husband and they responded positively to my new energy and happiness.


"You're no longer angry like you used to be." Came a response one day as I was having a conversation with my oldest daughter. My mood change was definitely noticeable.  I am so grateful for the changes I have made personally over the past seven years and how profound these changes have been in affecting my family and others around me. 


Now I eat for energy and I spend a lot less time in the kitchen. I eat large amounts of fruits and vegetables and sprouted nuts and seeds to give me the sweet tastes I craved as a sugar addict and the crunch from the vegetables that I wanted from chips, etc. Learning how to eat healthier has given me a whole new life and I am so grateful for this knowledge and experience I have been blessed with. 


I believe it is very important that I share with others my personal experience and all that I've learned to help people understand that they aren't doomed to live in pain and misery. 


I will be teaching a special class with my mom, VerLynn, on May 7th from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon in Lehi, Utah. We will talk more about Emotional Eating and Training the Senses as we focus on the emotions we all have to deal with. We will give you some great ideas, recipes, and information about how food and music can aid in this healing. Please join us by registering HERE. 



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