Natural Yeast Bread

November 6, 2014

I have been experimenting with natural yeast that does contain wheat, but the start or natural yeast is used to help digest the gluten during a process of 10-12 hours, making the end result what I call a 'Miracle Bread'. I have been severely intolerant to wheat breads, but with this Natural Yeast bread, I feel FANTASTIC!! There is NO reaction to it whatsoever.

I learned about it through several friends asking me about it in a matter of a few days. When this happens, I realize it is something I need to pay attention to, so I started studying about it. This is the kind of bread that has been made anciently and is what people have used only until the early 1870s when two brothers, the Fleischmanns learned how to isolate a component of yeast to make breads rise faster. They took out the whole benefits of the yeast with all of the pre- and pro-biotics that are great for the gut environment, making it more difficult for generations afterward to tolerate wheat bread.

I have been wondering what to do with all the wheat in my basement and with the scriptures telling us wheat is the 'staff of life', I couldn't figure out how to apply this to my life with an intolerance to it.

Well, it turns out it isn't the gluten, it's the yeast! Herbivores have several stomachs that help them digest the grains, but we only have one that is weak compared to theirs, so we need a little help with our digestion. This is why we need raw foods that are rich in enzymes that help our bodies break down and digest the solid foods. We also need help with digesting the gluten.


The breads of long ago used natural yeast that is present in the air we breath and can be seen on grapes and juniper berries as the white film covering them. These can be used to start your own start, but I got one from a friend. I have a start in my refrigerator if you are interested and it can be shipped. Let me know if you would like one and I would be happy to arrange it.


I have been making all kinds of natural yeast breads from rich protein chia, flax and hemp bread to 'Grandma's' wheat bread, rolls, multi-grain breads, waffles, soft pretzles and more. The yeast can also be added to smoothies or other foods to help your gut get used to it slowly. Cakes, pancakes, cupcakes, and just about any other food you can think of can be made with this natural yeast.


The baking process is quite different from the traditional 2-3 hour process. This bread takes 10-12 hours to allow the start to 'digest' the gluten. I do this over night and in the morning I form it into loaves, rolls or whatever I want and allow it to rise again for another 2 hours for the bread loaves, then bake another hour. It is time consuming, but it is easy as I am able to mix it quickly and leave it to do other things.


I feel the need to teach people how to make these breads for themselves and their families. If you are interested, please come to one of my local classes. Take a look at the Courses available HERE. You will love learning about these delicious, healthy breads that cost pennies to make. Get a starter, recipes and the skills you need to make your own delicious bread. I can't wait to see you there!

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