Are Oils REALLY Good For You?

July 18, 2014

by Wendy P. Thueson AKA Raw Chef Wendy


I have been actively involved in the Raw Food community now for over 5 years. During that time, I have been told from books I've read, classes and programs I've taken and on the internet, that Coconut oil is full of all kind of nutrition and is very important in helping maintain our health. I have also been taught a great deal about the many health benefits of Olive oil; rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin E, etc.


I used to eat coconut oil by the spoonful and I did the same with olive oil because I was told it was good to 'lubricate' in a gallbladder cleanse and was very healthy. I also used these on gluten-free toast and potatoes instead of butter and in my salad dressings. Many of my old raw food recipes and that of many other Raw Food Chefs contain a lot of olive oil and coconut oil. The recipes often mimic the Standard American Diet with dehydrated crusts full of nuts and seeds, lasagna filled with plenty of olive oil and on and on.


Coconut meat and milk are also used a great deal in the typical Raw Food Cuisine and they have a high percentabe of fat. So what's all the fuss? It's 'good' fat right? Wrong. Both animal fats and vegetable fats are PURE FAT! Oils have been touted as superfoods but they are not. They are extracted from the whole foods ~ the coconut and the olive and then refined and put in bottles to sell for a lot of money. 


Listen to THIS amazing speach given by Michael Klaper, MD and see for yourself why oils of all kinds are great for OUTSIDE the body, but are not to be consumed. 


Dr. Douglas N. Graham, author of the 80/10/10 Diet states, "Across the board, refined oils (including coconut, flax, olive, hemp, almond, borage, and the like, which are touted as "pure" or "special" because of their source or careful processing methods) are essentially empty calories, not fit for human consumption. They are stripped of the fiber, protein, and carbohydrates that accompanied the whole foods from which they were derived, leaving an imbalanced fractional product that is 100% fat."  


If we want to consume "healthy fats" they are in all plants in the right amounts for our bodies. Eat the whole food and gain all of the many benefits of the plant. Stripping the fruit or plant of the oil, as with any constituent, is taking out only part of the nutrition it offers. These oils are great for use outside of the body to moisturize and nourish the skin. Some of the benefits will also be taken into the body through the skin, but the fat will not clog up the system this way and cause clogged arteries and other serious health issues. 


I was getting fat on the traditional Raw Food Cuisine. I had no idea that what I was creating and teaching was wrong. I am here to set the raw food community straight. FAT IS FAT. We don't get fat from eating fruit, we get fat from eating fat ~ even from nuts, seeds, avocados, and oils. I have stopped making all of the raw foods that add a great deal of fat, comprising anwhere from 45-80% fat in raw food cuisine. I am losing the weight I gained and feeling better than ever. I'm grateful to know the truth and I want to share it with you. Eat the whole plant food, not the fatty oil.




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