Why I No Longer Eat Traditional Raw Food Cuisine!

July 9, 2014

July 7, 2014


I have been eating raw food for over 5 years now. It transformed my life from living in extreme pain to living an energetic, full and happy life. There are many people who give testimonials like mine and even more powerful about how living, raw plant foods have helped their bodies heal. You can read mine HERE.


However, during the past 5 years, I have struggled finding a balance of nutrients in my diet. I went 100% raw and became fanatic to the point of not wanting to eat anything. I went back and forth from raw vegan to adding a little meat and other cooked foods to find the balance I was seeking. I did not, however, find the answers I was looking for. In fact, I started gaining weight, my sugar cravings came back, and I was feeling a lot like I had been before eating raw!  What was going on? Wasn't this the best diet out there? What about Paleo and all of the other diet crazes these days? Which one was right and which one was for me? I had all kinds of questions that I couldn't answer for myself or for my clients and I felt lost and ready to give up! 


Fortunately, I found the answers I was looking for and SO much more! I found out that we need to consume most of our carbohydrates as fruits and vegetables and that the amounts of fat and protein we need is quite minimal. I found out that eating plants really is the best for our bodies because of how we are designed. I also realized that the balance I was seeking was in an incredible book I had on my shelf for 4 years. I picked it up once and read the first chapter. It sounded interesting at the time, but too radical, so I put it down and didn't touch it again until June 27, 2014. 


I read that typical Raw Food Cuisine has between 45-60% fat from all of the nuts, coconut oils, olive oil and seeds. I read that the sweeteners used like maple syrup, agave and even coconut palm sugar aren't good for us at all. I learned that salt should not be added to foods because it traps the water in and causes edema and other health issues. I even learned that diabetics CAN have fruit and not have a major rise in blood sugar. I learned that we consume WAY TOO MUCH protein and fat and what this is doing to our bodies. Page after page I turned I gasped as I read. So much of what I have been taught is the wrong information


I was outraged and frustrated and I wanted to quit teaching and even stop my business. I felt so betrayed by all of these big companies who are marketing this product and that one for large amounts of money, marketing lies to get gain. The lies were clear now and the truth was clear too. I finally found the answers. 


I started eating the way the book described on July 28th and from then on, I noticed things like:


  • No huffing and puffing up hills I hike and I don't have to stop periodically like I used to

  • Weight Loss of 5 pounds so far

  • A lot more energy

  • Running without being winded

  • No more pain in my hips or knees during or after running

  • Less sleep needed - reduced from 8-9 hours to 7 hours a night

  • My vision is becoming more clear and is improving - my glasses and contacts are too strong

  • No pain anywhere in my body

  • More stamina and strength during workouts - I can run faster, exercise longer and I don't get as fatigued or out of breath.

  • My heart doesn't hurt during exercise anymore

  • My hormones are balancing out


And more changes are happening every day. I am so excited to share this with YOU! Stay tunned for more amazing information as I reveal the TRUTH I've finally found and am applying to my body. I am having results I never thought possible at my age of 44.


What's the book? Stay tuned to find out!


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