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July 9, 2014

July 9, 2014 


This morning I got up and wanted to check my email, FB, etc. and get started on work. I thought, "I'll get my workout in soon." I was very uneasy after a bit, just pacing around the house trying to figure out what to do. I stopped and I heard in my own voice, "I need to exercise first!" This pent up energy I have created wants to get out. I got out of my morning routine sleeping just a little longer than usual and allowing myself to veer off into a different direction, but my body knows better. 


I went for a run/walk/run and struggled more than usual. I attribute it to the soft shell taco I allowed myself to eat after my class at 10 pm. It was there and I chose to eat it. I had to smother it with fresh salsa to get it down. I remember thinking while eating it, "I just want to test this and see how it feels." I didn't like the taste and even though I didn't experience the typical abdominal pains that accompany gluten, my performance was off this morning. A little bit of my hip pain came back that I need to loosen up with stretching and I had a harder time breathing this time ~ thus the need to walk and run. I didn't have the stamina I have become accustom to. Lesson learned.


I am resting after 30 mins of running and will then do 30 mins. of weight lifting ~ light weights. I am noticing the following changes in my body:


* Going out in the sun without sunglasses or a hat is not affecting my vision as much. I used to be very sensitive to sunlight. I don't even sneeze anymore.

* I actually WANT to exercise now. My body is demanding it. 

* I was up from 6 am to 11 pm and had energy until I hit the pillow.

* I am sleeping more soundly and deeply and I feel ready to get up at 6 am. I knocked off 1 hour from the amount of sleep I needed. 

* My vision is clearer and I find that I want to take my contacts out or take off my glasses because they are too strong. Time to get the eyes checked. 

* My body temperature is regulating better. I'm not too cold with air conditioning or too hot in the sun like I usually am. I feel comfortable in either extreme.

* My body odor is gone

* The brown area that was quite dark around my iris is turning very light and going away - a sign that my colon is cleaning out. 

* My teeth aren't as sensitive.

* My head is clearing. I think more clearly and I am remembering things I read only once, people's names, etc. a lot better!

* I'm toning up nicely. I lost 5 pounds and the rest is coming off. I am also losing my cellulite on the back of my legs. 


That's all I can think of for now, but what improvements I am making!



July 18, 2014


I am looking and feeling fabulous! I have a lot of energy and I am so excited for this new found information! I have been searching for BALANCE the last 5 years and I have finally found it. I absolutely LOVE my life!!


I have been working on a New Online Home Study Program the past week. I am so excited to launch it soon on a Webinar. I will post the details soon. This new way of eating Raw Food is revolutionary and so needed! Actually, it is the way our very first ancestors used to eat and we have been so swayed by TV commercials, ads for supplements and products we don't really need, and diets that work for a little while but end up failing and we feel worse in the long run.


I am so grateful to be able to sleep fully and completely. Awake rested and ready for the day, have sustained energy throughout the day, and have all of my many symptoms gone. I am exercising 2-3 times a day now. Lifting weights for 30 mins, walking or running on the treadmill for 60 minutes and then an evening walk with my dog to wind down the day. My legs are looking skinnier and the cellulite is going away. They are toning up day by day. My stomach and muffin top sides are reducing and I look in the mirror each day and I LOVE who I am becoming inside and out! 


I will be turning 45 in October and I have never felt younger! I love this new way of living and I want to share it with the world!


My meals are simpler. Here is a photo of what I ate last night with just 3 ingredients. You can find the recipe in my RECIPE section HERE


Fresh 3 Ingredient Zucchini Pasta


My tongue has come alive. I never knew zucchini had such a delicious taste to it. While I prepared this recipe I ate 1/2 the zucchini by itself. The Roma tomatoes were divine and the parsley on top was amazing! It gave a sweet, fresh taste that acted as my 'dressing'. There is no oil, no vinegar, salt, or other unnecessary ingredients here. It was positively the most amazing meal I've ever had.


My family is still eating cooked food and they look at me like I'm crazy eating mostly fruit, some greens and a little nuts and seeds. I continue to make them their cooked meals doing more vegetarian and lite cooking so they can get the nutrients out. The animal products are still in the refrigerator and being consumed by them, but I have absolutely NO desire to eat the cooked food or any sweet desserts. I am getting all of the sweets and nutrition I need in my amazing raw fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds. 


How do I do it? Find out soon on my Webinar. I can't wait to share it with you! 



*Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences and I am making NO claims. Your results may vary.

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