"Raw Food for the Skin"

by Raw Chef Wendy


Wendy created this Green Smoothie Skin Salve "Raw Food for the Skin" as a final project during her studies as a Master Herbalist at the School of Natural Healing. She loved it so much as a facial moisturizer and lotion for her dry skin that she uses it everyday. Her clients have used it on bug bites, sunburns, 2nd degree burns, road rash from a bike accident, and even on skin cancer spots*. Try it for yourself on any skin condition and tell us your story.


CONTENTS: 100% Organic Ingredients ~ Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive oil, Beeswax, Oregon Grape root, Comfrey, Burdock root, Red Clover, Chickweed, Peppermint, Red Raspberry leaves, Plantain, Hemp oil, Flaxseed oil, Black Walnut


The herbs used in this formula are known for their ability to aid the skin with a variety of conditions. Red Clover has been known anciently to be helpful with cancerous conditions, Comfrey has been used for many skin conditions including burns, scraps, scratches, wounds, and more. Chickweed is known for its soothing properties with eczema and dry skin, peppermint can aid in soothing the skin and red raspberry is known to aid in nourishing the skin. The plantain is known for helping with bug bites and those from snakes and other animals, and black walnut is helpful for infection. The oils used in this formula are to help moisturize and nourish the skin.*


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Customers Who Have Used This Product


"The salve is amazing. I use it daily as a natural moisturizer for my face- my face loves it!" ~ Katrina, UT


"I have used this amazing salve on my son who was burned from soup on his legs and I was amazed at how fast the area healed on its own. I use it on all conditions of the skin and wouldn't be without it." ~ Kryzda, UT


"I use the salve for sunburns and it gives me relief. I work out in the sun for many hours a day and this is such a great way to sooth and moisturize my skin" ~ Tyler, CO