Join us in Draper, Utah on June 18th, 2019 to get your hair scan.

This scan is regularly $300 retail but we are offering it ONE DAY ONLY for just $99.

This incredible deal includes a 45-minute phone consultation to learn how to read it

and answer any questions you may have.

If you have been wanting to get this amazing hair scan done to receive your custom report, don't delay.   












Epigenetics is the new science of how your genes are influenced by your environment on many different levels. 

Hair is almost indestructible as a bio-marker that carries a lot of personal information about your current level of health.*


Learn what your hair says about you and get a Wellness Report

with suggestions of foods that might help you increase your overall wellbeing.









This wellness report can be generated with a few strands of your hair put into the Spectrum Drive Cell Well-Being Bio-Feedback® device. It does not work properly to mail in a sample as the follicle dies after 3 minutes. You must be present to have this done.


I have the machine available to schedule your personal consultation or a group event.

Please contact me for more information.






If you are interested in purchasing a machine for your professional business, please click on the

CONTACT ME button above and ask for more information about the machine and to schedule a Q&A call. 



*Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated these statements. In using the device stated above, we are in no way making claims, 

diagnosing, prescribing or treating any condition. It is purely for educational purposes only.