It's time to up-level your LIFE with more Energy!


Love Your Life with ENERGY is a NEW online program you can do at your own pace.



LEVEL 1: Create Your Nutritional Foundation to Build On.

This first level will help you understand why a plant-based lifestyle is the best way of eating for humans, and why. Wendy shares her knowledge and experience of over a decade with you in simple steps you can easily implement immediately.


Welcome Unit 1: Receive a welcome packet with Wendy's two recipe books, a sample of her Green Smoothie Skin Salve, and a Cell Well-Being Hair Scan and 34-page Report with consultation over the phone, plus these six modules: 

1.        Snap shot activity to gather information about your current and past health condition

2.       DOTS activity

3.       Vision of You activity

4.       Goal Setting for Program

5.       Get Started

6.       Unit Summary and Accountability


Module 2: Eating for Human Biology: How to Ditch the Diets for Good

1.       The Biology of Humans: How we are created to eat

2.       Dieting: Why it Won’t Work Long-Term

3.       Creating Balance with Food

4.       Enzymes: what they are and how they work

5.       Epigenetics and where we get our nutrients from

6.       Supplements and Reading Labels

Module 3: Transitioning over from the Standard American Diet to High Energy Food

1.       Choose the percentage that’s right for you

2.       Keys to cooking with less heat

3.       Detoxing Symptoms and what to do

4.       Plan ahead + simple recipes to start with

5.       Food Combining and Gut Health

6.       Establishing a good mindset for good health


Module 4: Chef Skills for your Home Kitchen: refer to video series to watch with program

1.       Sanitation

2.       Knife Skills

3.       Equipment I recommend and why

4.       Kitchen organization

5.       Menu Planning

6.       Creating your own recipes


Module 5: How-to Kitchen Video course with Wendy online. Includes workbook.

This module contains videos Wendy has recorded in her kitchen to show how to make many of the recipes in her recipe books: Reasonably Raw and Beautifully Raw. Learn how to make the food and then do it yourself quickly and easily with instruction and recipes provided. Check it out HERE.


Module 6: Cleansing and Detoxing Naturally

1.        Systems of Elimination

2.       How to get started using herbal home remedies

3.       Juicing and raw food for cleansing

4.       The liver: what it does, what it needs, and how to clean it out

5.       Greens, Chlorophyll and Sunlight

6.       Fruit: the powerhouse of nutrition and energy


Module 7: Emotional Eating and Addictions

1.       Self-Care: YOU are #1

2.       The cycle of addiction

3.       Overcoming Emotional Eating

4.       Feeding yourself and your family

5.       How to navigate social situations

6.       Maintaining a sustainable lifestyle eating healthy



Receive a charm and bead bracelet: As you go through this program, you can earn charms and beads for a bracelet to wear in recognition of your achievements at each level. Receive your beads and charms at the support meetings once you earn them or have them shipped to you at the end of your program.



1.        Cell Well-being Hair Scan $300 value for only $99 (must be present to participate) includes 30-                  minute phone session to learn how to read the report. You can get one every 90-days if desired.

2.       Herbs at 15% discount during your program – prices vary

3.       High Quality Supplementation – prices vary

4.       Grocery Store Coaching Session

5.       Menu Planning Session

6.       Energy Clearing Sessions available for $75 a session 

7.       Private Coaching Sessions available for $75/hour

8.       Other services available upon request



Support & Accountability Group: Along the way, you may desire more support. Wendy offers live support groups in person and online twice a month, so you can ask questions, bring a potluck dish and recipe to exchange at the live event, and meet new people who are on a similar journey as you. This option is available for a small monthly fee of only $15 but your first month is FREE when you join our program. Join and stay with us as long as you’d like.



You will learn how to create new delicious meals and a custom plan to help you

and your family improve your health substantially.

As you go through this program you will be laying the foundation of health mentally and physically while creating new ways of thinking and acting that will support your new lifestyle. We will teach you specific tools to help you succeed and experience a permanent change.


This program is only for those who are truly ready for a transformation in their lives that will make a profound difference going forward. *Results vary according to your commitment level and work done.




Introductory Price is only $699

or 4 easy payments of $175




"Since coaching with Wendy I have had a huge paradigm shift with food and how I view it. I don't beat myself up anymore about food because I realize it is a choice and eating healthy is something I want to do. Wendy helped me to create a foundation of health with food and to make conscious choices to help maximize my potential in all aspects of my life. My relationship with my body has changed for the better and my personal relationships have improved. I no longer want to numb out with substances and I am able to control my anxiety and depression with tools Wendy gave me instead of medication. This program has changed my life for the better. Wendy is more than a health coach, she is a life coach and very good at what she does. I highly recommend her."   ~ Dallin, Utah


"I am a nutritionist and have struggled with balancing out my nutrition in the right portions. Wendy has helped me more than the nutrition courses I took in school. She taught me how to eat the right portions of fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and how to increase my energy with food. Wendy has helped me in all areas of my life and has given weekly assignments to stretch outside myself in areas of socializing more, scheduling, creating a power hour, watching my words, cleansing, eating in season, understanding the addiction cycle and how to stop myself before it engulfs me. She has coached me how to improve my relationships and get outside my comfort zone. I'm excited to train as a Coach with her next!" 

~Andrea, Utah 



over the phone to see if this program is right for you.








*DISCLAIMER: Results may vary and are dependent upon the commitment and work you are willing to put into the program. 

This program is designed for educational purposes only and is not to take the place of a qualified medical professional. Please 

consult your physician before beginning a new diet or exercise program and get the appropriate tests and diagnosis as needed.