with these suggested steps:


STEP 1 - FREE Consultation


 These are the steps I recommend for you to get the full benefits of optimum health and wellness.

These are preventative steps.


If you are suffering from an acute or chronic condition your needs will be different.

Let's discuss your options on a FREE 30 minute phone consultation.


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STEP 2 - Wellness Report


Epigenetics is the study of how our genes are influenced by our environment on many different levels.

Breakthrough technology is now capable of creating a personal report regarding your current wellness and fitness levels and helps you understand where you are lacking nutritionally, all from a strand of hair.


Determine what style of eating is right for you by signing up for your very own Wellness Report.






STEP 3 - Determine Your Eating Style


After you receive your personal Wellness Report, you will know better which foods your body responds to for optimum wellness and which you may want to avoid.


Now you can customize your own personal meal plans using my NEW recipe books and suggestions for 

the Reasonably Raw or Beautifully Raw lifestyle



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