The Creation of You 30 Day Cleanse for 2018


Are you ready to reset your body from the holidays and start 2018 off strong?

If you’re like millions of people out there, you’ve just gone through the holidays eating all kinds of sugar and rich foods. Maybe you’ve gained some weight and you feel sluggish. Maybe you’ve been dealing with a chronic condition that needs attention or maybe you just want to re-set your system and prepare it for greater health.


Whatever your situation, it’s time to get your energy and vitality back! Reclaim your health and get back on track. Wendy will show you how to kick-start your body in just 30 days to help prepare you to receive a higher amount of raw food and move toward health and wellness.


 You will literally be creating a whole new you!

















Because it contains life-giving enzymes that help your body repair and rebuild from the inside out. This plant-based way of eating is the most effective because we don’t kill the enzymes by cooking them with heat. This 30-day juice cleanse is powerful because it literally resets the body and prepares it to receive greater health and energy by continuing to eat a high amount of raw food. If you’re ready to make 2018 your best year yet, join me for the next 30 days!


Here is what you’ll get:



1 booklet with instructions of how to do the cleanse [$5 value]

7 organic/wild crafted herbal formulas to help your body do a deep cleanse [$160 value]

4 weekly group coaching video calls 30 minutes each, to ask questions and get the help you need. [$135 value]

Basic exercise routine to follow each day. [$25 value]

The Creation of You 30 Day Tracker [$25 value]


Here’s What You’ll Need:

Fresh juices (carrot, apple, grape – optional)

Castor oil

Wheatgerm oil

Olive oil

Commitment to do this for 30 days

a juicer - optional (unfiltered juices from the store may also be used)



This complete program is valued at $350 but you get it for

ONLY $125









Don’t delay. Your health is waiting to get started today!


*After purchasing your Creation of You 30-Day Cleansing Kit, you will receive an email with further instructions. 

Your herbs will be sent in the mail. Please allow 4-6 business days.


Thank You!



"I have received greater health as a result of giving my body powerful nutrition through fresh juices. Juicing allows the body to rest from digestion. The nutrition in liquid form goes straight to the cells and the herbal formulas used help target specific areas and help the body do what it does naturally ~ repair and heal itself."


This juice cleanse is an excellent way to jumpstart your health for the new year!"


Wendy P. Thueson | Owner, Raw Chef Wendy, LLC



















*This program is based off of Dr. Christopher's Incurables Program & uses Dr. Christopher's herbal formulas.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are for educational purposes only.

Please consult your health professional before trying a new cleanse or diet.