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Wendy P. Thueson


Hi, I am a Culinary Trained Chef, Raw Food Health Coach, & Master Herbalist. I am also a wife and mother of 4 beautiful children. 


My raw food journey began in 2009 when I was laying on my couch ready to die. I was suffering from chronic fatigue since the age of 11, was in a great deal of pain especially in my neck and back, and I had a huge list of other symptoms I was dealing with. I wanted out of my body for some relief.


At the time I had no idea the agony I was feeling was connected to the sugar, gluten and cooked food I had been eating. As a professional cake decorator, pastry chef and catering chef, I was around this food daily. The stress I was under didn't help either. I had difficulty taking care of myself and my family and I was desperate for help. 


I was blessed to find the answers I was seeking through live, raw food. I researched all I could about raw food and then applied what I had learned to my body. After 2 days of eating living plant-based food, I woke up refreshed with energy I never knew was possible. After 5 days I was symptom-free! I was amazed at the quick transformation I experienced simply by changing what I put in my mouth.


My results were profound and I am very passionate about this message of health through raw food and I want to share it with YOU.


If you are a busy person who is ready to do what it takes to make real change for yourself and your family, then get started on your own healing journey with my simple:




This is the best way to begin noticing changes right away and to taste the amazing food I have waiting for you. 


~ Wendy P. Thueson

CEO | Raw Chef Wendy, LLC